97-02 Jeep Soft Top Installation

Interested in how to install the 1997-2002 Jeep Wrangler soft top from Sierra Offroad? View or download the installation PDF on your desktop, iPad or notebook computer.

It is normal for the top to be somewhat wrinkled when you remove it from the box. Additionally the material may have contracted, depending on at what temperature it has been stored. It is highly recommended that you remove the top from the box; lay it out flat at a temperature above 72F and let it relax for at least 24 hours. As well the installation should be done only in an environment where the air temp is above 72F.

To avoid improper installation of this item it is imperative that you read and follow these guidelines completely. Failure to install this top correctly may result in a dangerous situation for the vehicle occupants as well as other motorists.

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